Bombs, trams and pub fund-raiser: 9 old photos of Nunnery Lane

PUBS are always great at rallying their regular for charity fund-raisers. Just look at our main photo above.

It shows a group of regulars from the Slip Inn (named after the slipway of Clementhorpe’s old shipyard) posing for cameras during a fundraiser in aid of York Country Hospital. We don’t know exactly when to shoot. The provincial hospital closed in 1977 – but this photo was taken well before that.

The photo, like the rest of these pages today, comes from the Clements Hall Local History Group’s new book Nunnery Lane and Clementhorpe.

We featured the book in these pages a few weeks ago, but there’s no reason for dipping back into it – it contains a wonderful slice of York’s local history, not to mention lots of beautiful old photographs.

The book was rolled out during the lockdown, and following many appeals (including by the Press) for old photos and memories. So as you might expect, it’s packed with a lot of both. The emphasis is on the area’s old shops and pubs – and the staff who once operated them or used them.

The selection of photos today includes one showing the merger of Nunnery Lane and Price’s line in about 1934. The newsagent and off-license pictured were destroyed in the 1960s) for a road-widening scheme.

The junction of Nunnery Lane and Price’s Lane in 1934. Photo: Hugh Murray estate

Elsewhere, there’s a surprisingly provocative picture of the old South Bank tram; a party party on Swann Street in 1935; and a dramatic photo showing the damage caused to Upper Price Street by the zeppelin raid in May 1916.

George and Sarah Avison, of 13 Upper Price Street, were killed and their home destroyed. The raid lasted only ten minutes, but during that time 18 bombs fell, killing nine people and injuring 40.

York Press:

Zeppelin damage at 13 Upper Price Street in 1916. Photo: Hugh Murray estate

  • Nunnery Lane and Clementhorpe: an exploration of the old shops and pubs’ is published by t Clements Hall Local History Group, costing £ 8. It is available from Pextons, Frankie & Johnny’s Cookshop and The Winning Post on Bishopthorpe Road, Fred’s Bakery on Albemarle Road and The Trafalgar Bay on Nunnery Lane.

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