Word game: October 9, 2021

WORD OF TODAY – HUMORISTIC (HUMORISTIC: HYOO-mer-ist: A performer or writer of funny material).

Average score 37 words

Time limit 60 minutes

Can you find 50 or more words in HUMORISTIC? The list will be published on Monday.

WORD FROM YESTERDAY – SAXIFRAGE safari safe safer saga sage sager sari Sear serif sire
aegis afar afire agar ager aria get up shaft fair fee faxes fear fire fixer fix fries rage rise
rase rife climb gear pain egis

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1. Words must have four or more letters.

2. Words that acquire four letters by adding “s” such as “bats” or “dies” are not allowed.

3. You cannot use additional words made by adding a “d” or an “s”. For example, if “bake” is used, “bake” and “bake” are not allowed, but “bake” and “bake” are supported.

4. Proper nouns, slang, vulgar or sexually explicit words are not allowed.

Contact word game creator Kathleen Saxe at kzsaxe@gmail.com.

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