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A core coach for The Basketball Movement, AJ Green is ready for his role as assistant prep coach for We Are United.

Coach of The Basketball Movement for some time, AJ Green is taking on more responsibilities as assistant coach of We Are United. While the breadth of her duties has expanded, she says that much of the job content remains similar.

“I’m really making sure these guys are well taken care of,” Green tells The Basketball Movement. “I’m just doing my part to make sure everything runs smoothly for everyone else.”

That selfless dedication to the players is a big part of why AJ was named an assistant coach in the first place.

Green says things are going well with the team. “We have seen great growth from day one until now,” he says. “There is still a long way to go for these guys, but we have already seen improvements as players and as young people in general. I’m excited to see where we will be when the season officially begins. “

With the players and coaches, many different personalities are coming together at We Are United. Green believes that they will all grow from each other into a well-oiled machine.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the team grow from where they start to where they end,” says Green. “Any coach wants to see a different team than the one he started out with.”

Coach Green is not a newbie to what he describes as “the culture of the Movement.” The basketball movement is home to We Are United, which means that tried and true philosophies still apply.

“What we bring is not just basketball,” says Green. “As these players move from us to other coaches or even into the real world, we want people to see more mature young men and women than they have ever seen before. In the years to come, we want to make sure these guys are prepared for life outside of basketball as well. “

We Are United’s mission shines brightly through assistant coach AJ Green. The product that everyone will see on the court will soon have its mark, and we are proud of that.

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