Transition crossings: Newborn baby rescued after nine hours at sea – as man said French police watched them leave | UK News

A newborn baby was rescued by the RNLI after surviving a nine -hour journey across the Channel made by a group of migrants on Saturday.

Sky News witnessed the newborn girl, named Ayyan and wrapped in a blanket, being handed over to a coastal police officer in Dungeness, Kent, after the potentially fraudulent trip.

Asked by Sky News if French police tried to stop them, a man who spoke some English said: “No, they said nothing.” He also said officers watched them leave.

Records of the number of migrants have landed on the Kent coast this year

The man also translated the baby girl’s mother, who said Ayyan’s condition was fine and she was also delighted to have come to Britain – prepared to risk her own safety and that of her son to come to England for the “best of life”.

Ayyan is believed to be between two weeks and one month old.

Although record numbers of migrants crossed the Channel this summer, Sky News ’analysis of the last three years of complete Home Office data shows those coming in small boats are only a fraction of the number of migrants arriving in the UK each year.

who generally claim asylum – are only a fraction of the number of migrants arriving in the UK each year.

Sky News reporter Ivor Bennett said: “There was stress and fun in equal proportions.

“After nine hours at sea, their treacherous journey is over as well. Many of the migrants are trembling as they are helped from the lifeboat to the shingle beach of Dungeness.

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Sky News witnessed people trying to reach UK shores as French police failed to intervene.

“Speakers said they were from Iraq and Iran, along with a man who said it was his” dream “to live here. Some were missing coats and even shoes, some were soaked.

“The last image of all – a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket. The little girl was only a week old and she experienced a journey that some will understand.

“Her mother, who was almost tired of speaking, told me that her name was Ayyan. Why risk her son’s life to reach these shores? Because ‘England has the best life’.”

Migrants arrive at the beach in Dungeness
Migrants arrive at the beach in Dungeness

Sky News captures dozens of people arriving in the UK on Saturday, as interior minister in France announced plans to visit Calais to investigate efforts to combat illegal immigration in the Channel.

The Home Office said they would increase footage with French counterparts – after the UK signed a £ 54m deal with France to increase patrols in July.

It described the record increase of migrants crossing into the UK over the Channel this year as “unacceptable”.

The locals expressed anger on “how easy” it is to cross the Channel into the UK as record numbers land on the Kent coast this year.

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