The ribbon -cutting ceremony opens at Bolton Sixth Form College’s new extension

An extension was unveiled today for The Sixth Form Bolton in a lavish ceremony attended by dignitaries and guests.

Cllr Linda Thomas cut the purple ribbon, accompanied by Cllr Martyn Cox and Chris Green, MP for Bolton West and Atherton, who are officially opening the multi-million pound extension to coincide with the College’s open day.

The extension was built over the course of the last two years to accommodate the growing number of students, following increasing demand in the areas.

The school’s board of governors is keen to welcome new students to college, and offer as many educational opportunities as possible, following the Covid-19 pandemic which presented many challenges for the college. , its students and the construction of the sequel.

Cllr Linda Thomas said: “I’m so excited to be here on a great day, talking to these students has been amazing and I’m sure this extension will be a great college edition.”

Cllr Martyn Cox, head of Bolton Council, said: “I think the success of this college is up to the atmosphere of stability they have fostered here and I expect the ethos to work very well carried out throughout the years.

“It’s a bit surreal for me to be here but I’m just thrilled to have done it, because this is exactly what the young people of Bolton need.”

Mr. Green said: “So, I’m glad I’m here to open the extension, and be able to talk to the students.

“I’m glad to hear that all the students seem to be enjoying it and I want to see them come back, learn and be with friends and enjoy a sense of normalcy again.”

Principal Stuart Merrills added: “I am proud to be principal and it is about the opening of our new extension that we are so excited to have the mayor and head of council here.

“It’s been over two years in the making and feels like a Greek Odyssey, where the heroes have overcome insurmountable challanges to achieve their goals and that’s what we’ve done.

On the opening day, several student ambassadors were also present, and gave praise to the college for its unwavering support throughout the pandemic.

Daniel Morris-Broome, a first-year student studying Media, film and accounting, said: “So far, my time here has been wonderful, the staff is lovely and friendly especially after the year they helped us through the difficult transition from high school to sixth. in the form.

“Everything is different here, and no matter who you are you can be yourself and have your own personality.”

Kirsten Eccles, a first person studying criminology, psychology and law, added: “I think there was great support from all the teachers – I’d say that’s my favorite part about college because they’re all totally understanding and kind. ”

Second-year students said a lot about the career team and how they helped students navigate the difficult decision process about universities and employment after graduation.

Mafina Assan Kojo, a second year student doing physics, math and history said: “There was a lot of support and it was really a friendly environment.

“Here, there is always someone to talk to, whatever your problem and a great place to go.

“The first thing I did here was have a meeting with the races and, honestly, they helped a lot.”

Mafina’s friend, Karen Stockton, a student of biology, chemistry and math later: that suits me. ”

The staff is enthusiastic about the expansion, built to accommodate the increasing number of students who want to study in college and reversing the trend of 40 percent of school dropouts choosing to leave the borough to study. the A-levels and other qualifications.

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