More pregnant women are being hospitalized due to COVID, says Sharp doctor

SAN DIEGO – A Sharp HealthCare fetal medicine specialist says she has seen an increase in the number of pregnant women hospitalized for COVID-19, as San Diego County reported Friday. his first pregnant woman to die from the virus.

Local public health officials say the woman, as well as her unborn child, died earlier this week after being hospitalized. Not much has been shared about the woman for privacy reasons, but authorities said she was not vaccinated.

More than 170 pregnant women across the country have died from complications of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Of those hospitalized, 97% have not been vaccinated against COVID, the CDC reported.

“There is a significant increase compared to what we are going through now with the rise of the delta from what we saw at the beginning of the pandemic,” Sharp HealthCare’s Dr. Joanna Adamczak told FOX 5.

Adamczak said that pregnant women are already in a high-risk group. Contracting COVID during pregnancy carries the risk of preterm labor or death, he said.

“Women, in general, are immunosuppressed during pregnancy,” he said. “They have a diminished lung capacity and all that affects the mother.”

The best way to prevent women from dying from COVID is vaccination, Adamczak said.

“It lowers the risk of death, and this is a known complication, it is the most serious complication,” he said. “It’s tragic, but it’s true.”

A list of vaccination sites in San Diego County is available online at


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