Los Angeles hostage drama: Armed suspect dies, woman safe after SWAT unit responds

The Angels police shot and killed one gunman suspicion and rescued a hostage on Friday after the suspect pointed his weapon at the victim’s head, police said.

LAPD officers chased a suspect on foot after he fired at people in town and attempted to carjack a woman, authorities said. Officers followed the suspect to an apartment building and observed his actions with a surveillance camera.

“They saw the suspect in a hallway armed with a gun forcing a woman to come with him,” the department tweeted late Friday. “At that point, we knew we had a hostage situation. While LAPD personnel were outside the complex they saw through a window, the suspect was holding a gun to the hostage’s head.”

SWAT officers entered the apartment building based on “incredibly violent action and fear that the suspect would kill the hostage.”

The suspect was shot by officers and died at the scene. The hostage was taken to a hospital but his medical condition was not immediately known, police said.

A witness reportedly recorded the incident from across the street and posted a video on Twitter. The video shows the suspect arresting the hostage, then shows SWAT officers entering – along with the sound of multiple gunshots.


The department said officers originally responded to reports of an armed man suspected of committing a crime in the area allegedly including putting a gun in a man’s face and firing – even though the gun did not die – and fired in a 14 year -from within a business. The child’s head was vomited, police said and he was taken to hospital with non -life -threatening wounds.

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