Kyrie’s ‘privacy’ issue is a public crisis for the Nets

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The Nets’ first preseason game at home on Friday was played under a shadow, in the form of Kyrie Irving. Brooklyn has a problem and Irving is.

Or more specifically, the absence of Irving. Star guard I can’t play at home due to his refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19. For an All-Star expected to lead the Nets to their first NBA title, that’s a tough way to start a championship run.

“Kyrie talks about it as a matter of personal choice, which I respect,” the Nets owner said. Joe Tsai told the Post. “But we all must not forget that our objective. What is our purpose this year? It’s very, very clear: win a championship. The championship team must have everyone in the same direction. So I hope to see Kyrie play fully and win a championship along with everyone else … That’s the best result. “


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