Here’s a playoff edition of our Chicago 9 trivia quiz

One of my goals in these weekly quizzes is to impart information about Chicago baseball in an interesting way. I could list nine facts, but I don’t think it’s that much fun.

Today, I’m giving you a chance to learn some 2021 Red Sox stats and a bit of postseason history by asking yourself nine data-filled questions (and giving you the answers). So enjoy the postseason and support Chicago, whether you’re a Red Sox or Cubs fan.

Good luck with the Chicago Nine!

1. Historically, Joe Jackson “shoeless” leads the White Sox with seven multi-hit games in the postseason. During the 2021 regular season, who led the Sox in multi-hit games?

a. Jose Abreu C. Tim anderson

B. Yasmani grandal D. Leury garcia

2. For those of you who enjoy playing scrabble with the names on my quizzes, you’ll be happy to hear that AJ Pierzynski (in 2005) and Ted Kluszewski (in 1959) share the White Sox record with one game of multiple home runs each. in the postseason, who led the Red Sox in multi-homer games in 2021?

a. Jose Abreu C. Eloy Jimenez

B. Yasmani grandal D. Leury garcia

3. The record for a Sox hitter for strikeouts in a postseason game is three, made by 14 players, most recently by James McCann last season. Four times in 2021, a Red Sox player had a “golden hat” – four strikeouts in one game. In one game, however, one player had a “platinum hat,” a set of five puffs. Who was he?

a. Yoan moncada C. Tim anderson

B. Brian Goodwin D. Eloy Jimenez

4. Carlos Rodón held the Red Sox season record on May 21 when he struck out 13 Yankees. Ed Walsh holds the Sox’s postseason strikeout record in a game when he shut out the Cubs on October 11, 1906. Compared to Rodon, Walsh’s number of shots in that game was. . .

a. The same B. Plus C. Less

5. Bobby Jenks holds the Sox record with five career postseason saves. True or False: Is that more than each of the following in the postseason?

a. Adam wainwright C. Trevor hoffman

B. John smoltz D. Sergio Romo

6. The Sox seized the AL Central on September 23 by beating the Indians (now the Guardians). Who was the winning pitcher for the Red Sox?

a. Reynaldo Lopez placeholder image C. Aaron Bummer

B. Crochet Garrett D. Craig kimbrel

7. No Red Sox pinch hitter has had an extra-base hit in the postseason. This regular season, the Red Sox hit three-hitter breakout homers. Which of the following did not have one?

a. Gavin sheets C. Andrew Vaughn

B. Adam Eaton D. Yasmani grandal

8. Tim Anderson led the Sox with 18 stolen bases this season. In the three World Series championship seasons for the Red Sox (1906, 1917, 2005), who had the most

does the season steal for them?

a. Eddie collins C. Frank Isbell

B. Scott podsednik D. Aaron Rowand

9. To be fair, I really felt like I needed a question from the Cubs, so here we go: Each of the following has played in the postseason, but which one hasn’t played in a postseason game for the Cubs?

a. Kyle hendricks C. David Bote

B. Ian Happ D. Matt duffy


1. Tim Anderson had 46 multi-hit games. 2. Yasmani Grandal had three games with multiple homers. 3. On April 2, Yoan Moncada had five strikeouts in five at-bats. Four. It is less. Ed Walsh struck out 12 that day at the West Side Grounds. 5. Oh, it is true. The other four pitchers each have four saves. 6. Aaron produced the opposite of a Bummer and won the game. 7. Gavin Sheets was 2-of-9 with an RBI and no home runs. 8. Scott Podsednik (59 in 2005). 9. Matt Duffy (2014 Giants and 2019 Rays).

Look at the speed of the bullpen coming from the Sox arms. It should be the tallest of all the postseason teams. One of my goals in these weekly quizzes is to impart information about Chicago baseball in an interesting way. I could list nine facts, but I don’t think it’s that much fun.

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