French Trustbuster ‘disappointed’ by dismissal – POLITICO

The head of France’s competition authority, Isabelle de Silva, has expressed surprise at President Emmanuel Macron’s decision not to renew his mandate.

De Silva confirmed this week he would resign at the end of his term on October 13 after assuming command of the regulator in 2016.

But in an interview with the Financial Times on Saturday, de Silva said the news that Macron would not renew his term was a shock.

“Until a few days ago I was quite confident that they would renew me … I would have liked to continue, but obviously I respect the decision and I hope that a new person will continue with the work that I have started. It’s a personal disappointment for me and my team to have to come to an agreement, ”he said.

De Silva, who became a member of the regulator in 2014, leaves behind ongoing cases against big U.S. tech companies. Google, Apple and Facebook.

Macron’s decision to fire the veteran of the Franco-American competition also comes six months before the national elections, and at a time when the regulator was reviewing several major national mergers, including between broadcasters TF1 and M6.

Speaking of that draw, De Silva said he felt “it wasn’t necessarily a good thing to change the captain in the middle of such an important and difficult case.”


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