Corey Berkowitz Joins Saban Music Group as Director of Pop and Urban A&R

Corey Berkowitz has joined the $ 500 million backed Saban music group as director of Pop & Urban A&R.

At Saban Music Group, Berkowitz will draw on his experience within A&R and as a songwriter to top A&R on a list that includes Static and Ben El, Mergui, Nakkia Gold, Chesca and Don Omar, who recently signed a multi-year partnership agreement with the company.

Growing up in Detroit, Berkowitz began his music career during his freshman year at Michigan State University, booking concerts for names like Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and Mike Posner.

He then joined the Rock Mafia songwriting and record production team as vice president of A&R.

In Rock Mafia, Berkowitz helped develop the career of electronic and alternative musician Elohim and hired Yoshi Flower for the company, organizing a joint venture between Rock Mafia and Interscope Records.

In his final year on Rock Mafia, Berkowitz got Megan Thee Stallion to appear alongside Maluma and Rock Mafia on Crazy family for The Addams Family 2 soundtrack.

As a composer signed with Downtown Music Publishing House, now Concord, Berkowitz co-wrote Bahari Ways of love and Quin XCII’s Holding hands [feat. Elohim].

“I am not just an A&R looking for talent; I’m part of creating the song. “

Corey berkowitz

Corey Berkowitz said: “For me, it is important to be a part of every step of the process.

“I am not just an A&R looking for talent; I am part of the creation of the song. I understand how to take a song from zero to one hundred.

“There is nothing better than helping artists bring their most authentic visions to life.

“I want to be part of songs that are undeniable. Those songs that don’t require a million opinions, they just punch you in the face.

“It starts with making the right connections and tapping into a deep, emotional understanding of who to introduce to whom.”Music business around the world

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