10 ways to buy kids clothes on a budget

Shop children's clothing on a tight budget

Sometimes children seem to constantly need new clothes. For one thing, children obviously grow up regularly. Therefore, their clothes are too small. Also, children can be quite harsh on their clothes. No matter how well you take care of them, they don’t last long. Additionally, children often want to explore new styles as part of their changing identities. The clothing supports that, so sometimes we end up buying children’s clothing to help with that. But what if you have to buy children’s clothing on a tight budget? Here are ten tips:

1. Used shop

There is no reason why most children need new clothes. If you have the option of buying used items in your area, please do so. There are also options to buy second-hand children’s clothing online. You can buy used items for every day that the kids will wear as long as possible. Plus, you can get good prices on special occasion items like party dresses. Purchases used are also a good ethical choice.

2. Trade with friends and family

Clothing exchanges are a great way to save money on clothing. They work particularly well when you meet a lot of people with children of different ages. If you have friends or family with children who are a little older or older than yours, chances are good that you can get them some good second-hand clothes for free. In exchange, you can exchange your children’s clothes for someone who needs them. People do these exchanges online or in person. If you’ve never done it, it’s time to start. It is one of the best ways to get affordable children’s clothing.

3. Offer to buy children’s clothes from friends

Do you have a friend or someone close to you whose children have great clothes? If so, say that you would love to buy some of those clothes when your kids outgrow it. This is a very smart way to shop for children’s clothing on a tight budget. After all, your friends and acquaintances will often be happy to offer you a good price. Young children are often very excited to be able to wear clothes that they have admired in others. For kids who aren’t that excited about it, they can always buy the clothes of friends they don’t know.

4. Shop smart out of season

You can get very good discounts on clothes at the end of the season. However, you must be smart about this route. As an adult, it’s easy to buy a winter coat at the end of winter and then plan to wear it the following year. However, since children grow up somewhat unpredictably, it is not so easy with children’s clothing. That said, you can get such great end-of-season clearance sales that it’s worth it sometimes. Some advices:

  • Look for items that children can still wear for a few weeks before the season ends.
  • Also, look for summer deals on items that can be layered for fall and winter wear.
  • Finally, try to predict your child’s size for the upcoming season. Err on the side of buying bigger than expected.

5. Shop stores known for affordable children’s clothing

There are some stores where you can get good cheap children’s clothing. If you are shopping on a budget, those stores are good to know. For instance, Good kids clothes recommends Old Navy, French Toast, The Children’s Place, OshKosh B’Gosh, Carters, and Gymboree. Outlets and discount retailers are also good options.

Of course, you may have other options in your particular area. Where I grew up there was an exchange with regulars who sold new clothes cheaply. So, look for the places in your area where you can consistently shop for children’s clothing on a tight budget.

6. Don’t forget the budget

We keep talking about how to buy children’s clothes on a tight budget. That last word is really the most important part. We can give you all the advice in the world on shopping, but if you don’t have the budget part ready, then you are less likely to be successful. Therefore, it is important to make sure you budget. Make children’s clothing a specific category within your budget. This allows you to plan accordingly so you don’t end up putting kids clothes on a credit card. Don’t go into debt for children’s clothing. Instead, plan ahead.

7. Buy separately, not outfits

Money thieves He notes that stores encourage him to buy more by dressing child-size mannequins in adorable outfits. However, your child does not need that specific outfit. Instead, buy separate pieces. In fact, it is wise to buy separations that blend well with other separations. You want your kids to get the most versatility out of their clothes for the short time they fit!

8. Cash back applications, coupons, etc.

Make sure to use all of their smart money-saving tips when shopping for children’s clothing. These include:

  • Cash back apps and websites
  • Coupons
  • Seasonal offers and sale prices
  • Shop with a rewards credit card, but pay the balance in full immediately
  • Use credit card rewards to purchase gift cards that you can spend at children’s clothing stores.

9. make some clothes for your kids

You don’t necessarily have to buy children’s clothing on a tight budget. Instead, you can make some of them yourself. If you have skills in sewing, crochet, or other crafts, you can often make items for your children. In particular, this is an affordable option for younger children. They are usually happy that their parents do something to them. And since they are still small, the materials don’t cost much.

Parents with craft skills often especially enjoy making clothing for special occasions. These can cost as much store bought. However, made by hand, they don’t cost much. As children get older, they may even become interested in learning how to make their clothes with you. This can be a surprising bonding experience for some families.

Even if you don’t want to make your children’s clothes, some things are worth learning how to repair. Children’s clothing is generally not durable. However, you can wear them down more if you can repair them.

10. Talk to your kids about money

It’s not that you want your kids to feel bad about your tight budget. Instead, you want to start teaching them good financial skills early on. Talking about money is critical to your good financial education. So, feel free to have age-appropriate conversations about the need to buy children’s clothing on a tight budget. It’s okay to explain why they need to look at certain jeans or shoes that are less expensive than other brands. You never know; they could even come up with their own creative solutions. The more you talk about this as a family, the easier it will be.

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