UK weather: flood risk as heavy rains hit parts of England and Scotland | UK weather

Heavy rain and up to 60mph winds will hit parts of England and Scotland and could cause flooding, travel disruptions and power outages on Saturday.

The Met Office issued yellow weather warnings for the east and south of England and the north-east of Scotland, over Aberdeenshire, Orkney and Shetland.

Some areas in the southeast can have 30 to 40mm of rain in a short period of three to six hours, which can cause surface water issues.

Parts of the north-east of Scotland and north-west England may have the same amount of rainfall but over a longer period of time.

While some coastal areas and the southeast could face 50 to 60mph winds, indoor areas can expect 40 to 50mph blowing later on Saturday. There is also a chance of 70mph winds in Shetland.

Road, rail, air and ferry services and side-by-side vehicles on exposed routes and bridges could be affected by strong winds, and high waves and spray are expected in coastal areas.

The Met Office said the strong winds were strong enough to cause transportation delays and a brief power outage.

It adds: If people have garden objects, the pieces will be blown around, but not enough to cause real structural damage.

“With the force of that wind, many leaves will be blown out by the trees and have the potential to block drains and cause flooding.

“Some houses and roads could be affected.”

Sunday will be brighter for most of the UK with a few spots of the sun, although heavy bursts of rain will continue throughout the day. However, there is a yellow wind warning in place for Shetland.

Becky Mitchell, a Met Office meteorologist, said: “[On Sunday] the prevalent area of ​​heavy rainfall is shifting to the North Sea, so the picture looks better across the country for sunshine.

“It’s going to be an easy breezy day with temperatures possibly reaching 17C and it will definitely feel pretty warm tomorrow due to the super sunlight. But the wind isn’t going to be strong. The forecast is for sunny spells and it will be drier for most areas but there will be some showers of blustery mainly in the west. ”

Next week, the forecast is again for unfavorable conditions in England and Wales which are likely to experience another spell of wet and windy weather on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

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