The weekend says: What if the United States defaults on its debt?

Congress prevented a partial shutdown from the federal government this week by passing a spending resolution that runs through early December. But the deal did not address the US debt ceiling, which must be raised by October 18 to avoid what Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has called a “calamity. “

Yellen was referring to a possible default on the debt by the United States government. Such an unlikely event becomes a more real possibility when supporters of Congress play the risky budget. Andrea Riquier describes the mechanics of an apocalyptic default scenario.

The rally in energy stocks is not over


Growing demand for fuel at a time of production and supply disruptions helped drive the price of West Texas intermediate crude oil
+ 0.96%

up to 55% during 2021 through September 30, based on future month contract prices tracked by FactSet. You can see from the chart above that the S&P 500
+ 1.15%

The energy sector has lagged behind the price of oil this year.

Michael Brush argues that the rebound oil trade is far from over, and the names 12 energy stocks that can be good investments.

More about energy action: The S&P 500 energy sector was the only port in a severe September storm for stocks.

The newest ideas about money

To kick off the return of MarketWatch’s Best New Ideas In Money series, Emily Bary explains how behavioral biometrics can help businesses and consumers prevent e-commerce fraud.

More new ideas:

A different way for companies to go public

Companies that want to go public have traditionally offered shares through an underwriting process, in which an investment bank purchases the shares and then sells them to the public after a lengthy formal filing process. But some companies simply list existing stocks on public exchanges where they can be traded. As part of the IPO Report series, Steve Gelsi interviews two executives who worked at Spotify Technology
+ 1.77%

direct listing and believe the streamlined process is better for investors.

More from the IPO report: Sovos is creating a line of small brands designed to take on big food companies.

An American couple on how they retired to Panama

Kris Cunningham, left, and her Monkey Nerve bandmates at a concert. (Kris Cunningham)

You’ve probably heard great things about visiting or moving to Costa Rica, but have you considered Panama? Silvia Ascarelli writes the Where should I retire? column. This week he interviews Kris Cunningham, shown playing bass in the photo above, who has done a great success outside of her move with her husband to David, Panama.

Get ready for an expensive holiday season

Shoppers are likely to pay more this holiday season, according to a forecast. (Stephen Maturen / Getty Images)

Christmas gift prices could increase 20% this holiday season due to supply interruptions, reports Tonya García.

The economic case for booster injections

AFP via Getty Images

Jaimy Lee interviews Andy Slavitt, a former White House health adviser who maintains that COVID-19 Booster Vaccines May Help the Economy, even if the science behind the decision to implement them is uncertain.

Depressing economy

Economics was known as “grim science” by Thomas Carlyle. We have recently faced depressing economic reports. Mark Hulbert sees signs of a recession ahead, based on consumer confidence data.

More on the economy and how it could affect investors: The biggest risk investors face this earnings season lurks just below the surface

AND: US inflation rises again and remains at its 30-year high, pointing to prolonged price pressures

Developments in the field of electric vehicles

Tesla Inc.

It is about to face new competition from a host of competing automakers, some of which have the ability to rapidly ramp up production if they manage to give the public something to love. Austin Morris from Kelly Blue Book Rounds the electric models of dozens of Tesla competitors.

Other developments related to electric vehicles:

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