The icicle is here! The Whitmore-Dugans front and center for season 2, episode 9

Season 2 of Star Girl It has given us an incredibly exciting journey as we have watched our favorite characters fight. The long-awaited ‘Summer School: Chapter Nine’ will push the boundaries for the Whitmore-Dugan family. Pat will deal with her past with the original JSA and Eclipso. Mike, meanwhile, will (finally) deal with the consequences of what happened with Icicle. Elsewhere, Barbara meets a certain person who seeks to persecute her and her family. Additionally, Courtney begins to suffer as her friends and family continue to fall prey to the Prince of Darkness.

The promo for the next episode has provided us with some hints of what to expect, and well, it wasn’t what we expected. At the beginning of the year, it was announced John Wesley Shipp would guest star as The flashJay Garrick’s version in episode 9. Details have since come out that it will contain vital flashbacks related to the original JSA. In the days leading up to the episode, Photos, courtesy of our friends at Stargirl Wiki for Episode Nine, they have given us a glimpse of what is to come. It also confirms that Ted Grant and Johnny Thunder will be involved.

Let’s break down how the story will unfold. Therefore, this is a warning! This post contains possible spoilers for Summer School: Chapter Nine.

Memories of Pat

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

During some episodes, Pat has hinted at a huge secret that will devastate Courtney. The only person he has told, so far, is Barbara, who agrees that her daughter cannot know what happened regarding Eclipso. Australian Arrowverse YouTuber Pagey noted in a recent video that whatever the old partner is hiding might have something to do with Rebecca McNider.

Pagey said this because two of the promotional images show members of the Golden Age JSA at a funeral.

In the photo containing Sylvester and Johnny, Starman is conducting a funeral program, and you can see the name “Rebecca” written on it. In addition, we will witness the aftermath of what happened with Eclipso. Plus, it makes more sense. The episode ten synopsis mentions that Courtney will know what happened. What’s more, it will put a gap between her and Pat.

Whatever happened must be bad enough for Barbara to agree that Courtney can’t find out what happened. Also, we know that she [Courtney] was disappointed when Pat had to confirm that what The Shade told him about Eclipso’s involvement in Rebecca’s death was, in fact, true.

Pat will also have a lot to deal with outside of her memories. In the promo, he is in the basement when someone shoots him. At the moment, it is not clear who he is. The only person we know who uses a weapon is The Gambler, but it is MIA, and the figure does not fit their description of the promotion.

Icicle returns from the dead

Barbara appears several times in the promo. One of the most notable occasions is when she ends up locked in her car, which is surrounded by ice. We also hear a voiceover saying that “she and her family will be persecuted forever.” Also, this is the “ghost” of Jordan Mahkent, better known as Icicle.

There is a shot in the promo that shows a coffin with one hand sticking out from under the lid. Also, this would fit in to show that Jordan is somehow still alive in some way. Or is Eclipso playing on Barbara’s fears.

Also, this voiceover is nothing unusual. Brainwave’s voice was heard before they saw it. Additionally, Dragon King had a small cameo in Episode Five as part of Cindy’s flashback. Not to mention, Tigress and Sportsmaster played a vital role in Episode Four.

Of all the high-ranking members of the ISA, Icicle is the only one who has yet to be seen. The player is still missing and Director Bowin is dead. However, they have not yet been ruled out for appearances. After all, it is a comic show where people could come back.

Jordan would be haunting Barbara because she rejected him. Also, he nearly killed her by throwing her off the clock tower. Not to mention that his death is the reason Mike now feels the effects of his guilt. He told Yolanda in episode three that his death from Icicle was an accident and unintentional. However, that brings us to Cameron.

Could Eclipso try to feed off Mike’s guilt?

The promo images and video show that Mike will end up revealing the truth to Cameron … or will he? With Eclipso now on the loose and making things worse in Blue Valley with the weather he’s been creating, he could make the younger Whitmore-Dugan believe he’s confessing to Icicle’s son.

What surprises us is the staging of the scene in the promotional footage. The photo below is from that scene:

[Credit: Stargirl Fandom]

The “showdown” appears to take place at the Whitmore-Dugan home. But why would it happen there? Also, it’s a little weird that Cameron made a total of 180. In Episode Seven, he’s happy and carefree when he’s with Courtney, especially after she apologizes for banging him against the wall. Given Eclipso’s powers, this setup may be in Mike’s head.

Check out what happened to Beth in episode eight. His entire encounter with Eclipso happened at his home and he only realized what was going on after putting on his Doctor Mid-Nite glasses. McNider was watching the entire exchange from the Shadowlands. Also, in the promotional images, Mike is seen withering on the ground being strangled by an invisible force. We know it’s him because he’s wearing the same jacket as the promo photo.

Cameron is not a vindictive person … or so we think. He has never shown bad qualities, but if he is pushed too hard, who knows what will happen. Have addressed this before as to how far it will have to go to end up as Mike’s adversary.

What happened to Rick could be the same to Mike

They didn’t give us any warning that Eclipso was playing with Rick’s head when he nearly killed his uncle, thinking it was Solomon Grundy. Everything seemed to lean towards reality, but at the last second, the metaphorical carpet was removed from under us.

Maybe the whole Mike and Cameron thing is similar to that. After all, it seems out of place for Cameron to turn around and say, “Everyone in this house is about to die.” For all we know, this could be a bit of reality and illusion as it was for Rick.

However, we do have that ice forming outside the Whitmore-Dugan house that is still a question mark. Was it caused by one of the ice wielding Mahkents or was it created by Eclipso? It could be anyone. Hopefully Episode Nine sheds light on whether Sofus has powers or not and whether Christine, Jordan’s wife, was aware of her husband’s powers.

For Mike, he has been suffering in silence ever since he revealed to Yolanda that his murder of Icicle was unintentional. However, it became more apparent after he touched the diamond shards. He has begun to show signs of self-doubt. His family has told him it was an accident. However, the feeling has not left him. It shows when he talks to Barbara at the end of episode eight. However, the conversation was not about Jordan.

Courtney’s impotence

Finally, the episode synopsis says that Courtney will begin to feel hope fade as her family becomes Eclipso’s target. He has already targeted his friends, and now his team is short of two people. We see her in the promo banging on the basement door, desperate to get to Pat.

After everything that happened with Yolanda, Rick, and Mike struggling with their guilt for what she did, Courtney is having a hard time holding on to the hope she has left. Eclipso is destroying everything, and it will show up in Episode Nine.

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