Stock Market: ETMarkets Investor’s Guide: How to Tread This Choppy Market?

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The domestic equity market has become volatile of late. Intraday swings around the highest index levels ever are making investors wonder if the market is entering a phase of dismal returns. While valuations appear to be expensive, global concerns such as the Fed’s phasing out, a possible US government shutdown, a rise in the dollar, and above all, the visible slowdown in the Chinese economy are making investors nervous. investors.

Amit Mudgill of ETMarkets met with Pankaj Tibrewal of Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund to find out the best way to step on this market. LISTEN IN

1. Valuations look rich and investors are unsure of the direction of the market. Do you think investors can still invest at these levels?

2. Can you name some investment themes that you think will pay off investors handsomely for the next 3-5 years?

3. What is happening in China? First, it was a housing problem and now we are seeing power outages. How will it affect the national market?

4. What would be your advice to retail investors who are nervous right now?

Thank you, Mr. Tibrewal, for such an intriguing conversation.

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