REIV Praises Return of Inspections, Drives Clarity on COVID Roadmap

The Victoria Real Estate Institute has praised the Victorian government’s recent decision to ease restrictions on private property inspections, but says the government’s COVID-19 recovery roadmap is still too ambiguous.

REIV said the government’s recently lifted ban on individual inspections “provided little benefit to COVID safety” and only served to harm buyers, sellers and tenants. REIV CEO Gil King said he was glad the ban had been lifted.

“The industry worked hard to inform the government about how the tough shutdown of real estate services did nothing positive,” King said. “In fact, it caused substantial damage at all levels of participation in the real estate market and paralyzed those in desperate need of finding accommodation or realizing their assets. Now it is important that our members guide sellers, buyers and tenants through safe measures for COVID and help ensure that the sector returns safely to its best. The REIV stands ready to support all members by precisely enforcing the new restrictions. “

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