PCB President Ramiz Raja wants to quickly resume school and cricket club

Lahore: PCB President Ramiz Raja met with the presidents and CEOs of the first boards on Friday at the National Center for High Performance where he shared his vision revolving around grassroots cricket.

Ramiz Raja emphasized in the rapid resumption of the activities of the schools and clubs, as well as in the improvement of the infrastructure so that the young people received the best playing facilities and the best environment to show and demonstrate their talent.

President of PCB Ramiz Raja: “The level of grassroots cricket deserves attention, as it has been a neglected field for years, which has marginalized our growth canvas. Under my supervision, cricket nurseries will be of permanent importance.

“I acknowledge and appreciate the good work done at the provincial level by the First Boards and I look forward to continuing to work collectively to bring change to the Pakistani cricket landscape.”



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