Pakistan’s ‘comedy king’ Umer Sharif dies at 66 | Art and culture news

Sharif, who was battling heart disease, died in Germany, authorities confirm.

Legendary Pakistani comedian Umer Sharif passed away in Germany at the age of 66.

His death on Saturday was confirmed by his family and Pakistani officials.

Sharif, who was battling heart ailments, was airlifted from Pakistan by air ambulance on September 28 for surgery in the United States scheduled for next week.

However, he was admitted to a hospital in Germany during a layover because his condition deteriorated.

“It is with deep sorrow that it is announced that Mr. Umer Sharif has passed away,” Mohammad Faisal, Pakistani Ambassador to Germany wrote on Twitter. “Our condolences to hie [his] family and friends. Our CG [consul general] he is present in the hospital to help the family in every way ”.

The news of his death provoked a torrent of grief and a great deal of tribute.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and opposition leaders Shehbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari were among several politicians and dignitaries who joined the entertainment industry and the media in mourning the artist’s death.

“He possessed many talents and enjoyed a distinct position in the field of acting and comedy,” Khan said in a statement, adding that Sharif’s contribution to the world of the arts will be remembered for years to come.

Born in 1955 in the southern port city of Karachi, Sharif began as a comedian in theatrical dramas in 1974.

An illustrious career spanning nearly five decades led to him being hailed as the “comedy king” of Pakistan.

He was also involved in television and film, producing several major hits.

The stage, however, remained his forte as he, along with the late comedy icon Moin Akhtar, who passed away in 2011, pioneered theatrical dramas in Pakistan.

Sharif performed in dozens of countries around the world during his career.

His talent transcended the boundaries of politics, as evidenced by the love and adoration he received in his rival neighbor, India, where many artists over the years regard Sharif as a teacher and mentor.


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