Nitin Gadkari has shown how power can be used: Sharad Pawar

Head of NCP Sharad pawar praised saturday Union Minister of Road Transport Nitin Gadkari for using energy effectively to carry out development. The two rival party leaders shared the stage at a function in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra.

“I am attending this function because I was told that Gadkari was going to inaugurate many projects in Ahmednagar that would resolve longstanding issues in the city, and he wants me to be present,” Pawar said.

Very often, nothing happens once the stone-laying ceremony for a project takes place, the NCP leader said, adding: “But when it comes to the Gadkari projects, within days of the function, one sees that the work begins.

“Gadkari is a great example of how a representative of the people can work for the development of the country,” Pawar added.

“I remember that before Gadkari assumed this responsibility (from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways), some 5,000 km of work had been carried out. But after he took office, the figure has exceeded 12,000 km,” said the chief. of the PNC.

The old Union Minister of Agriculture He warned farmers in the region that the use of sugarcane will not be limited solely to the production of sugar and that they should also consider it as the raw material for ethanol.

In his speech, Gadkari said that while executing road projects in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) also removed sediment from local rivers and streams.

“I suggest (Maharashtra Rural Development Minister) Hasan Mushrif think about focusing on water conservation in Ahmednagar district,” he said.

Mushrif, a PNC leader who is also the watchdog minister for this parched district, was present at the function.

Increasing the depth of streams and ponds helps raise the groundwater level, Gadkari said.

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