My boyfriend lets this man disrespect me

DEAR HARRIETTE: I got into a verbal argument with a man in a bar and my boyfriend didn’t step in to defend me.

Harriette cole

I feel like my boyfriend, it’s his job to uphold my honor at all times.

The man didn’t get physical with me or threaten me in any way, but the mere fact that he was raising his voice at me should have infuriated my boyfriend. I felt like a fool to be there with him while he just stood there and observed that I was disrespected.

Is this reason for a breakup?

Bar fight

DEAR BAR FIGHT: Did you talk to your boyfriend about the incident? What did you say was your reason for being silent? I wonder if he thought jumping would cause a situation that was already dangerous.

That is not to say that I should have let this argument go on without supporting you. It is a possible reason why you decided to withdraw.


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