CRE increases the price of LP gas again

The CRE published the maximum prices for LP gas in the 145 regions in which the country was divided, increasing the price of energy compared to last week.

The Federal Government once again increased the price of LP gas, accumulating four consecutive weeks with increases in the value of energy.

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) published the maximum prices at which distributors may sell LP gas to end users for the week that begins on October 3

“The publication of the maximum applicable prices of LP Gas, object of sale to the End User is established in accordance with the agreement A / 024/2021”, reported the regulator.

The agreement number A / 024/2021 of the energy regulator that establishes the regulation of maximum prices of liquefied petroleum gas for sale to the end user, in compliance with the Emergency Directive for the welfare of the consumer of liquefied petroleum gas, issued by the Ministry of Energy, in order to protect the interests of end users.

For the following week, LP gas prices will increase compared to the week that ended yesterday.

According to the list of maximum prices published by the CRE, in Mexico City the price will go from 23.89 to 24.36 pesos per kilogram with VAT.

While in Puebla the price will increase from 22.99 to 23.47 pesos per kilogram with VAT.

In Baja California the price will go from 21.75 to 22.44 pesos per kilogram with VAT

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