Congressional leaders are spouting absurd lies, says Amarinder Singh

Former Chief Minister of Punjab Saturday slammed the about the absurd lies of various party leaders in a clear attempt to cover up their mishandling of the crisis in the state.

Pointing out the contradictory numbers shared by Harish Rawat and Randeep Surjewala in the alleged letter received by the party’s central leadership expressing lack of confidence against them, Captain Amarinder called it a comedy of errors.

His comments came after Surjewala claimed that 78 of the 79 inhabitants of Punjab The MLA had written to the party leadership demanding the removal of Captain Amarinder.

Interestingly, just a day earlier, Harish Rawat had said, in a press release, that 43 MLA had written to the high command on the matter.

“It seems that the whole group has been imbued with the comic theatrical sense of Navjot Singh Sidhu,” he joked, replying: “They will then claim that 117 members of the judicial police wrote against me!”

“This is the state of affairs in the match. They can’t even coordinate their lies properly,” commented captain Amarinder, adding that the it was in a total state of disarray, and the crisis seemed to be escalating by the day, with a large majority of its top leaders completely disenchanted with the functioning of the party.

The fact of the matter, the former Chief Minister said, was that the 43-something MLA who had signed the letter had been forced to do so under duress.

Having been cornered for its mishandling of the Punjab crisis, Congress was now in a state of total panic, which was evident in the statements of its leaders, Captain Amarinder said.

The former Chief Minister said the panicked party dealing with internal chaos was trying to deflect the blame for its own failures.

“It is sad to see the way they resort to outright lies to justify their misdeeds,” he added.

He noted that since 2017, Congress had swept every election in Punjab with him leading the government, which was in stark contrast to the claims made by the party leadership.

In the last Assembly elections, the party won an unprecedented 77 seats. In the 2019 by-elections, Congress won three of the four seats, including in the Jalalabad stronghold in Sukhbir Badal.

Even in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the party swept eight out of 13 seats despite the massive wave of the BJP in the country, Captain Amarinder said.

And in February this year, in the seven municipal corporation elections, Congress won 281 of the 350 seats (80.28 percent), he said, noting that in the Municipal Council elections of the 109 municipal councils, the party won 97.

Clearly, the people of Punjab had not lost trust in him, as Surjewala claimed, the former chief minister said, adding that the whole affair had been orchestrated by some leaders and board members at the behest of Navjot Singh Sidhu, who , for some inexplicable reason, he was allowed to dictate the terms of the Congress in Punjab.

This was evident from the lies that Harish Rawat had articulated yesterday, including on a sensitive and emotional topic like Bargari and subsequent cases of police firings, Captain Amarinder said, warning that the party will have to pay a high electoral price in the state for these falsehoods. .

“If he had been hand in hand with the Badals, as they allege, he would not have spent the last 13 years fighting them in court,” he said, lamenting that not a single party leader had supported him in his legal battles.

Furthermore, in the Kotkapura and Behbal Kalan dismissal cases, most high-ranking police officers, including IGP Pramraj Umranagal and SSP Chanranjit Sharma, were arrested two years after Congress took over the reins of the state.

Approximately 12 people, including former director general of public affairs Sumedh Singh Saini and former board member Mantar Singh Brar, were nominated and charged in the case.

In both cases, seven charge sheets were filed, but some of them were blocked by the higher court, he said, adding that the entire specter of non-action in these cases was created by Sidhu and his aides, whose sole interest was to take the power. The good way or the bad way.


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