Can Urban Meyer handle the loss? Rookie QB Joe Rogan’s Fight Against Everyone, Ted Lasso’s ‘Believe’ Trend

In this episode of WRIGHSTER OR WRONG, George Wrighster and Ralph amsden ask the question “Can Urban Meyer survive a full NFL losing season?” Also, rookie quarterbacks are 1-11 as starters so far this season, George and Ralph examine the reasons why it might be good to keep their first-year quarterback off the field until there’s built the roster. On Cancel or Consequence, Two Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur has said that he can lead Joe Rogan into a fight, the guys weigh in on his odds, as well as talk about why Joe Rogan always seems to be under fire. And finally, at Best of Social Media, George and Ralph debate whether Ted Lasso’s message of faith should be for everyone or a few.

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