Prince Harry and Meghan Markle look at each other in love at Global Citizen event

Prince harry and Meghan Markle remains defining the objectives of the relationship.

On Saturday 25 September the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a Swoon-worthy appearance on Global Citizen Live in Central Park in New York City. The couple, who has taken the Big Apple by storm in recent days, they looked absolutely in love with each other during the event.

At one point, Meghan leaned over her husband as he hugged her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. Furthermore, the two of them couldn’t stop smiling at each other and held hands sweetly during their appearance.

During the event, Meghan and Harry gave a passionate speech about the current coronavirus pandemic and demanded access to vaccination for all.

The British star began: “Look at us all here, 60,000 together in New York City. Are we ready to do what it takes to end this pandemic?”

“It’s so good to be back here with all of you,” Meghan continued. “Look, we know it feels like this pandemic has been going on forever. We understand that. It’s a lot.”

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