Northumberland: The couple fenced in the house next to the chip shop ‘shot with an air gun’

A row exploded between a couple and a nearby chippie after customers kept walking to their door (Photo: SWNS)

A couple who built a fence to protect themselves from insane fish and chip eaters was shot with an air gun as the row became increasingly ugly.

Stephen Williams, 57, and wife Christine, 50, said a man appeared next to their home in Alnwick, Northumberland and ‘pointed a gun at them’ on Thursday.

He exploded and hit a wall, according to the couple. Police said they arrested a 34-year-old man in connection with the incident.

Just a day after the shooting, council workers went home, which used to be a sweet shop, and pulled down the fence because it blocked a pavement.

The row started with the couple took matters into their own hands after months of complaining about customers from the nearby chippie walking into their property.

During Covid’s lockdown, queues stretched out the door due to social distance and people were hanging out of the house and peeking out the windows.

The couple said the fence was built on land they owned but it was disputed and it partially blocked a lay-by and forced people to walk on the road.

Councilors say the barrier was placed in advance before officials could resolve legal questions about the ownership.

Customers from the shop line up in front of Williams garden (Photo: SWNS)

Christine said furiously he and his wife plan to ‘put the fence back up again’, MailOnline reports.

Talking about the attack, he said: ‘The whole thing left me traumatized. On Thursday, after we both got back from work my husband went out to work on the fence and I sat in a front seat taking him with our dog.

‘Suddenly I saw a man across the road with a gun pointed directly at me. I yelled at Stephen who pulled me away while firing the shot.

‘Then we heard cheers coming from the chip shop. It’s horrible. The whole thing really shakes me. We have forensics round here until the wee hours of the morning. ‘

Fence blocked the pavement and part of a lay-by (Photo: SWNS)

Stephen and Christine decided to make their former store home when they closed it and changed careers in 2019.

They said they had evidence of the boundary of their property ‘extending from the front of the shop onto the pavement’ after they stopped a broadband company from digging the road in 2017.

Christine added: ‘They have no right to take the fence and my husband will put it back because we have the right to mark our boundary.’

A Northumberland Police spokesman confirmed the incident using an air gun.

The row turned ugly when the couple threatened with a gun (Photo: SWNS)

They said: ‘Shortly before 6.50pm yesterday police received a report of concern for safety following a riot at Victoria Crescent in Alnwick.

‘It was reported that the two parties were involved in a dispute, in which an air weapon was fired at a wall.

‘No one was injured but as a precaution, officers of the Force of the Firearm’s Support Unit (FSU) attended the scene.

‘A man, aged 34, has been arrested and remains in custody for now, assisting with interrogations.

‘There is no threat to the wider public so far and it is believed all those involved know each other.

‘Officers will remain in the area now conducting patrols so anyone with a concern should introduce themselves.’

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