Courts give the green light to Reform to the Hydrocarbons Law

Collegiate Court issued final judgments against definitive suspensions to the reform of the Hydrocarbons Law proposed by AMLO.

A Collegiate Court specialized in Economic Competition issued the first sentences against the definitive suspensions granted by the first and second judges specialized in Economic Competition.

In this way, the green light is given for the proposal to enter into force. reform of the Hydrocarbons Law approved by the Chamber of Deputies and Senators.

The Collegiate Court Specialized in Economic Competition, agreed that the reform that allows the Government to suspend permits and temporarily occupy facilities of private companies, does not cause damage by its mere entry into force, but requires acts of the authorities to challenge.

However, the law will not be able to enter into force until the courts dismiss all the amparos or dismiss the suspensions. So far, almost all the affected permit holders have filed amparos.

The judges consider that the entry into force of the law does not affect the rights of permit holders.

“(The regulations) do not cause any affectation by their sole validity, they are infractions and the corresponding sanction, with the possibility of revoking and suspending permits, also requirements for permits, and according to the criteria of the Supreme Court, they are normative hypotheses that do not cause damage by its sole validity, are conditioned by the action of the complainant itself and of the authority ”, is explained in the sentence.

Julia González, associate at González Calvillo, explained that as in the case of the electricity industry law, the articles that have been suspended with general effects and will continue to be suspended until all suspensions are lifted or all are discarded. of lawsuits which could take months.

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