Best Creator: From Newbie to Non-QM Pro

“I didn’t realize that it gave me the mental fortitude to deal with rejection and learn some sales basics,” he reflected. “Around 2003, I became interested in entering the real estate market, in which my family suggested that I enter if what I was looking for was a sales industry. I worked for a very experienced real estate broker in my local community in Queens, NY. I was fascinated by the regular visits from different loan officers who offer their services and talk about the different loan products they offer. I instantly fell in love with the idea of ​​being a finance professional giving advice and offering his services to help homeowners find a home. The dynamics of each potential homeowner’s financial profile and the search for a credit solution was an intriguing puzzle that I wanted to explore and be a part of. “

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Fast forward to today, Ho is a senior loan officer at Quontic Bank. He considers joining the company as his best career move yet. Ho and his team have originated more than $ 70 million in 2020 and are on track to reach their goal of $ 180 million by 2021. Changing their business model and directing their efforts to learn about non-QM loans also played an important role in their growth as a mortgage. professional.

“The Quontic CDL program is a big reason for my success,” shared Ho. “I have learned to become an expert in our diverse and flexible CDL program. The CDL program offers programs for the unbanked – that is, potential borrowers in the gig economy industry such as rideshare drivers, stay-at-home businesses, and small digital businesses. The CDL product stands out on its own in the industry because the original genesis of this product was based on an entrepreneurial approach to lending and serving the unbanked community. “

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