Three broken bodies, including a child, were found in the burning Texas dumpster

The corpses were “burned and severely mutilated,” police said in a news release Friday, added that there were “body parts not recorded.”

Authorities have temporarily identified one of the bodies as 42 -year -old David Lueras, who is “known to frequent the Dallas area” and “has some contact” with nearby communities, police said in a release Friday. The child’s identity is unknown, police said, and the third body was a “young teenager or adult woman.”

“The damaged condition of the bodies makes the identification process difficult,” police said in the news release.

Fort Worth firefighters responded to a report of a dumpster fire around 6:17 a.m. local time Wednesday outside a business on Bonnie Drive on the west side of the city, about a mile south of Interstate 30, it said of the police. Authorities found the bodies in the dumpster while the fire was being put out, and the Fort Worth Police homicide unit responded to the scene.

Investigators are focused on identifying any suspects police called “triple murder.” The homicide unit asks for public assistance and seeks any information about potential missing persons that may match the description of the victims.


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