Which NBA division will the 2021-22 Finals champion provide? September 15, 2021

For most, the NBA Finals is about whether your equipment characteristics. Nothing else matters. But the honest truth is that the odds are never in favor of such a feat. In fact, A given NBA team really only has a 1/15 chance of reaching the finals each year. So, statistically, fans shouldn’t expect to see more than four or five final appearances from their respective teams in life; anything else is an advantage.

Generally speaking, cheering for another team doesn’t sit well with you. Usually not an option. There are rare exceptions, such as supporting the Miami Heat for his father, who has been a staunch fan for 30 years, or supporting the Milwaukee Bucks because there is a futures bet of $ 100 at stake. But most of the time, supporting any team other than yours just leaves a sour taste in your mouth, especially in the Finals.

But what about supporting your division? Is there anything wrong with that?

Maybe. But not in regards to this line of bets at least:

BetOnline NBA Division Special

BetOnline is now broadcasting odds for the winning division, which means that you are betting on the division that you expect the winner of the NBA Finals to come from (see below).

With odds of +150, it is possible to bet on a team from the Atlantic Division. So that’s any of the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, or Toronto Raptors to test the championship gold.

Bettors can bet a future on a Pacific Division team with slightly better odds of +160. That’s any of the Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kingsand the Los Angeles Clippers.

With vastly improved odds of +650, last year’s champions may be the Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers of the Central Division.

+800 for any of the five teams representing the Southeast Division: Portland Trail Blazers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder.

+1000 odds for a one-in-five chance of a Southeast Division team going all the way: any of the Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Charlotte Hornets, Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards.

And finally, exceptional odds of +2000 for the Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs, New Orleans Pelicans, Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets of the Southwest Division.

Clearly, bettors don’t have much hope that a Southwest team will lift the Larry O’Brien trophy next summer. But with generous odds of +2000, a casual bet on Ja Morant’s Grizzlies or Zion Williamson’s Pelicans to take it up a notch and cause a surprise certainly seems worth the risk.

BetOnline special offer

In addition to the excellent odds for the specials of the winning Division of the NBA Finals (and the fact that your interest remains intact when your team is inevitably eliminated), following the link and registering using the BetOnline promo code from BOL1000 also entitles newcomers to the site to receive a deposit bonus of up to $ 1,000.

In essence, this means that a bettor could even bet risk-free on multiple splits with the sign-up bonus and still make a profit.

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