Norway allocates two areas for CO2 storage

September 14, 2021

Credit: Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

The Norwegian government announced on September 10 two areas for applications related to CO2 injection and storage on the Norwegian continental shelf, based on the interest of various industry players.

“CO 2 capture and storage is an area where Norway has a unique opportunity to make a difference on the path to a low-emission global society. In Norway, we already have unique experience and expertise in the fields of Sleipner and Snøhvit. and not “At least the test center in Mongstad. We are building on this through the Langskip project. With today’s announcement, we are facilitating more Norwegian CO2 management projects, “said Oil and Energy Minister Tina Bru.

Several industry players have approached the ministry wanting to be assigned two specific areas that they consider interesting for CO 2 storage. One is in the North Sea, the other in the Barents Sea.

“It is gratifying that the industry is now investing and showing interest in CO 2 storage. This shows that there is potential for a major new industry on the Norwegian platform,” said Bru.

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