Lykanthea’s dawn birds welcome the autumnal equinox with a song

Lakshmi Ramgopal, who makes music like Lykanthea, she moved to the East Coast in 2016 (she’s an assistant professor of history at Columbia University in New York), but she still considers Chicago her spiritual and musical home. “I visit the city at least once a month,” he says, “so a substantial part of my life is spent there.” That led to a number of unforgettable site-specific pieces, including a revealing 2017 sound installation at Comfort Station and a set of nine members that gathered for the Museum of Contemporary Art’s MCA 50 series later that year. On Tuesday, September 21, Ramgopal will lead a performance called Dawn Birds by Lykanthea (with violinist Johanna Brock, cellist Erica Miller, and dancer Asha Rowland) in the Garfield Park Conservatory’s City Garden. She says the 6:30 am sunrise show will celebrate the next day’s equinox and feature music from the next album. Some entrails, which includes a “lullaby I wrote for myself, a work in progress called ‘Water, Wind, Waves, Snow’ that we are excited to share.”

Gossip Wolf Favorites Ozzuario mix loud industrial beats and dirty black-metal guitars, and their album Existence is pain It has been in constant rotation since its LP release last summer. This month, the duo released a follow-up, Mental hell, which they call a “post-traumatic journey through a world decimated by a crushing pandemic, murderous authoritarian governments, institutional racism, endless wars, religious extremism, climate change, and predatory capitalism.” Needless to say, “March of the Pigfucks” and “Attack and Dethrone God” sound timely. The band’s label, Distort Discos, sells LPs and downloads through Bandcamp.

Mental hell is dedicated to the memory of Alejandro Morales placeholder image from Running and Riley Gale from Power trip.

Upon Friday September 17, Spirits Have Fun, a lively artistic indie rock band based in Chicago and New York, headline Gold dagger. It’s a launch show for their new album, Two, which Born yesterday issued this month; Moon type and Floatie opened.

The Chicagoans on Spirits Taking Fun are drummer Phil Sudderberg and guitarist / vocalist Andrew Clinkman.

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