Craig Kelly was hit by stopping and stopping the letter with his spam texts

Lawyers for the Therapeutic Goods Administration wrote to MP for the Sydney seat Hughes claiming he was infringing copyright, according to a statement released on Wednesday.

The regulator asked Mr. Kelly to “stop distributing incomplete extracts of bad event reports associated with COVID-19 vaccines that the TGA believes could be seriously misleading”.

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The extracts are said to have been extracted selectively from the TGA database, which removed important information about the regulator’s reports and copyright statements.

“Information in the Adverse Event Notifications Database cannot be used to identify whether a drug or vaccine is safe or caused a reported adverse event or not,” TGA said.

Further investigation is needed before an incident can be considered related to a vaccine, something TGA emphasizes in its database.

“The extracts disseminated by the United Australia Party do not include this important information at the beginning of the reports as well as the statement indicating that the information is subject to copyright under Australian law,” TGA said.

Kelly returned

Mr. Kelly responded to a media release of his own, saying the TGA statement was “misleading and deceptive” and he was also seeking legal advice.

“The letter I received… only raised the issue of a suspected copyright infringement and nothing else,” he said.

“The TGA media release is defamatory and I am seeking immediate legal advice, as it creates a destructive indication that it is wrong.

“The TGA media release creates the false impression that the letter I received … includes a reference to the text that is” seriously misleading “when in fact, the correspondence… has no reference at this point.”

He said the TGA’s allegations of copyright infringements were “enthusiastically defended”.

“Ultimately the pointless copyright issue is an embarrassing TGA transfer tactic.”

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