Busy summer for pipeline technology company STATS Group

Pipeline technology company STATS Group said Monday that it had completed the most simultaneous pipeline isolation projects in its 23-year history.

STATS said that, during the 2021 summer shutdown season, it had supported six separate deployments of Tecno Plug insulation in the UK North Sea, on pipes ranging from 20 ”to 36” in diameter.

“The projects were in critical pipeline systems on behalf of multiple clients, with isolation periods ranging from 10 to 45 days,” the company said.

Isolation activities were carried out on land and offshore at various locations and included the use of the STATS Remote Monitoring System, which allowed the Tecno Plug isolation tools to be continuously monitored via satellite from the STATS Remote Monitoring Center in Kintore, Aberdeenshire.

“Satellite monitoring technology enables customers to reduce site personnel-on-board (POB) requirements at their oil and gas facilities during the disruption of containment activities, while ensuring that isolation status is continuously monitored. “the company added.

According to STATS, most of the Tecno Plugs implemented as part of the shutdown campaigns incorporated leak test modules, which allowed operators to perform reset tests on new valves and pipes without altering the integrity of the line insulation.

The company further said that the summer shutdown period also saw an increase in demand for STATS Process Plant Solutions which supported both North Sea and international customers with the provision of vapor barrier and localized welding test services. The statistics did not say who the customers were.

Additionally, STATS said it had worked with several North Sea operators on the fabrication and installation of its superior mechanical pipe connectors.

“These units were provided in sizes ranging from 2” to 20 ”as a safe and permanent cold work solution, eliminating the associated welding hazards, and were installed on several key platform systems, including air, diesel and air instruments. the largest of the units in flare systems, “said STATS.

STATS Group Remote Tecno Plug Leakage Test Module – Credit: STATS Group

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