7 Ways to Help Promote Life Insurance Awareness

What can you do to help raise awareness of the need for life insurance?

It can be an insurance agent or a person who wants to spread the importance of protecting your loved ones. Use the resources below to help spread this essential message.

1. For consumers, talk to an expert to find out which policy best suits your financial needs. Find insurance professionals or other financial advisers in your area here.

2. Hear examples of how countless people whose lives have been forever changed by circumstances beyond their control. See some real emotional stories from people who have benefited from sound insurance planning.

3. Our website for applicants is a useful resource designed to educate applicants more about the life insurance application process, including what to expect and how prepare for an exam. Read frequently asked questions about the paramedic process.

4. Grab your coloring supplies and enjoy some art therapy because protecting your loved ones with life insurance is a beautiful thing. Download this fun coloring page to show how you protect your loved ones. Show it, share it, and show everyone how much you care.

5. For life insurance agents, we have compiled many tools and resources for you and your applicants. Use our toolkit to help streamline the process for you and your customers.

6. Determining how much life insurance is needed requires an examination of current and future financial obligations. Life Happens provides a life insurance calculator to help you and your applicants determine your financial needs.

7. Inform applicants about the additional benefits of applying for life insurance, such as obtaining a copy of their lab results. Be safe, complete, and easy to understand online tool helps applicants become more aware of their health status and could help them adopt a healthier lifestyle. Get additional information to share with consumers on the value of getting a blood draw when applying for life insurance.

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