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Having the right supplies on hand can make managing your finances easier and more fun.  Learn about my favorite office supplies for budgeting and how I use them.

Are you finally ready to organize your finances and budget, and have fun doing it? I’ve seen too many people give up on their money goals because they don’t have an organized system.

And if all you’re doing is processing numbers, budgeting can be an incredibly tedious task. That’s because working on your finances is more than just looking at the numbers every day.

Working on your finances involves coloring your visual trackers so you can see how much progress you are making. Involves making colorful envelopes for a new pay period and designing new savings trackers.

It’s about organizing your Budget By Paycheck Workbook in a way that makes sense to you and finding ways to get the job done creatively.

My Favorite Budget Supplies

Having the right tools on hand will not only make budgeting easier and more efficient, but it’ll also make budgeting a lot more fun. So today, I want to share with you all of my favorite office supplies that I use to organize my finances and budget.

Budget workbook by paycheck

i use my Budget workbook by paycheck for everything related to my budget and finances. It allows me to organize my invoices, see upcoming payments that are due, and organize my cash for cash envelopes.

It also gives me a place to identify my short-term and long-term financial goals. And I can track my progress from month to month, so I always know if I’m on target to reach my goals. Basically, it is my base of operations for everything related to my finances.

Here is a list of supplies that I use in conjunction with my Budget By Paycheck workbook:

Mildliner highlighters for my expense trackers: I use the highlighting method to keep track of my expenses, and I LOVE using the Mildliner Highlighters in all different colors. They are waterproof and dry quickly so they never smudge or bleed through the page.

Sharpie Liquid Highlighters: You can find Sharpie liquid highlighters on Amazon in a variety of different colors. One of the things I like about them is that the ink indicator alerts you when you are running out of ink. These highlights are perfect to fill out your visual budget trackers or use in your expense tracker.

Pens: When it comes to pens, I go for a black pen that won’t smudge or bleed. One of my favorites is the Zebra Z-Mulsion EX 1.0, and I love it because it never erases and writes smoothly.

Sticky Notes on Box Sheet: Whenever I go to the bank, I like to have a Box slip sticky note so my bank teller can see exactly how many bills I need of each specific denomination. That way, when I go to fill my envelopes, I have the correct invoices that I need.

Cash envelopes

There are a couple of different products that I love to use when it comes to my cash envelopes. I design, print and make all my cash envelopes at home, and I am very particular about how they look.

For example, I am very picky about the type of paper I print my envelopes on. I learned that certain types of copy paper make colors appear dull. Finding the right paper and supplies ensures that your envelopes are more functional and last longer.

Here is a list of products that I use for my cash envelopes, as well as the printer that I use at home:

Paper: Since I make all my envelopes at home and carry them around a lot in my purse, they must be durable. I like to use a 28 lbs. paper weight so it won’t bend or break easily.

TBM Filofax portfolio: One way to protect my envelopes is by keeping them in my Filofax wallet. I keep my wallet in my purse at all times and my cash envelopes are never damaged. In fact, after a month, they still look like new.

Double-sided tape roller: For a long time, I used paper glue to make my horizontal designer cash envelopes. But now, I like to use a double sided tape roller. If you’ve ever used a whitening roller, it will look similar to that.

Drill: I use a 6 hole paper punch so that I can have my cash envelopes easily accessible and safe in my Filofax wallet.

Printing machine: I get a lot of questions about what kind of printer I use at home. I have used a couple of different printers over the years, but I currently use one Brother business color laser printer.

Print professional color documents quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality. And it uses 6,500-page high-yield replacement toner cartridges, reducing the money I spend replacing printer ink.

Other office supplies I love

Bookmarks for my visual trackers: If you follow me InstagramSo you know that I am a huge fan of visual trackers to track my progress on my financial journey. They really make budgeting fun and keep me motivated on the go.

It’s good to have a visual reminder of your progress, especially when you feel like you’re not achieving any. I bought a pack of fifty Crayola Super Tip markers and I love having all the color options.

You can find other of my favorites (budget and home related) in my Amazon Store.

The bottom line

Hopefully, after reading this list, you will see that buying budget supplies doesn’t have to be expensive. Many of the supplies I use, such as markers, paper, tape, and highlighters, are relatively inexpensive.

And it is possible to make many of your own supplies, such as cash envelopes. Of course, you may want to invest in a more expensive, high-quality item like a printer, but that’s not something you need to replace often.

Budgeting doesn’t have to be a chore; I think you should be excited to work on your finances every day. These are some of the products that make my financial journey more manageable, and work becomes so much more fun (and beautiful) too.

Hopefully, this supply list will make it easier for you to organize your Budget by Paycheck Workbook and help you get started with a creative system for your finances!

What supplies do you use to budget and manage your finances? Let me know in the comments!

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