There is no science behind the mandates of children’s masks

Representative Greg Murphy (R-NC), a physician specializing in urology, told Breitbart News on Thursday’s SiriusXM Breitbart News Daily with presenter Alex Marlow that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “guide” to masking children to prevent transmission of the coronavirus is not supported by scientific data or analysis.

The CDC, headed by Dr. Rochelle Wolensky, advise Vaccines and Masking for Children as part of their “Guide to Preventing COVID-19 in K-12 Schools.”

Marlow asked, “WWe know that children are not good vectors of [the virus]. Second, they don’t keep the masks on, anyway, and these claw masks don’t do much of anything. Why [is the CDC] Are you still insisting that we do this? “

Murphy described the CDC’s recommendation to mask children as a performance measure to make the government appear active.

“It’s just that you have to do something, not that it’s the right thing to do, it’s not that there’s science behind it, but you have to do something,” he replied. “I agree [with you] with enthusiasm. Three-year-olds don’t keep the masks. It is these little cloth masks. They do nothing in that population, because that population is much less contagious ”.

He continued: “It goes back to the feeling that we are doing something, and that is the right thing to do, and I just don’t go by that science. I wish I could say that this particular intervention led to this good result, but science tells us that is not true. “

Mask mandates are ineffective in terms of reducing transmission of the coronavirus, Murphy said.

He said, “If you look at the data and [remain] dispassionate towards him … could I send you a graphic showing … [in] states that had mask commands and states without mask commands, the infectivity curves were identical. “

The CDC continues with its recommendations for indoor masking for vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Government agency state, “CDC recommends universal interior masking for all K-12 school teachers, staff, students, and visitors, regardless of immunization status. Children should return to full-time in-person learning in the fall with layered prevention strategies in place. “

Murphy commented: “The CDC came up with a mask recommendation weeks ago due to an unpublished study from India, so they didn’t share it with us.” He added: “I have not read the data myself, because as far as I know [the CDC has] not quoted “.

Murphy said that exposure to the coronavirus is inevitable for all people and that its mutations suggest a synthetic origin.

He said: “There are three types of people around the world: those who have had COVID; those who had the vaccine; and those who will contract COVID, just because this virus has now mutated to such an infectious variant, and again, that may tell you why this [virus] it did not come out of pure nature. Because viruses just don’t mutate that fast, at least that’s what my virology friends tell me. “

“It’s just a matter of time [before] people are exposed to this. That is exactly what the data says ”, he concluded.

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