Rivals Rankings Week: Who should be the best manager in 2022?

With the latest update of Rivals in 2022 250 came another shuffle at the top of the defensive tackle standings. Walter Nolen, who was ranked the best player in this class at one point, climbed back up to No. 1 in the defensive tackle rankings and landed No. 2 in the Rivals250. Took the place back from Travis shaw, who jumped to Nolen in the previous ranking update.

This position has generated a great internal debate among analysts. National hiring analysts Adam friedman and Sam spiegelman they make their case for who they think the number one defensive tackle should be.

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The debate on who is the best defensive tackle has been and will continue to be good for the rest of this cycle. Walter Nolen and Travis shaw are dominating this debate but Alexander Bear It’s not very low on the list at number 10.

Shaw is the guy I’d like to anchor my defensive line because he gets the attention of every offensive lineman and he can play every position on the defensive line. There should always be a mismatch for him to exploit. He can take up space, make plays in the backfield, and chase ball carriers. Shaw’s athleticism and quickness are rare for players measuring 6ft 6in, 325lbs, and there’s not much high school offensive linemen can do to stop him.



The 2022 cycle is very heavy when it comes to the defensive front and, in particular, there are a host of talented inside tackles as well as cutting edge defenders to try and rank. There is a three way battle at the top inside with Nolen, Shaw and Alexander BearAnd regardless of the order, all three are the top 10 prospects for a reason.

Nolen has been spectacular during the offseason. He’s been able to gain reps both on the edge and on the inside, where despite his massive 6-foot-5-inch size and over 300 pounds, he’s agile, plays downhill, and refuses to let rival linemen get involved. with the. Nolen possesses too many special traits to ignore dominance, but luckily, she will have the opportunity to continue to turn heads as she prepares for her senior year at Powell, Tennessee, High School this fall.

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