Nate Berkus enjoys a day in the ocean with children 17 years after the tsunami

For most people, a day by the ocean is full of sun and relaxation, but for Nate berkus, is a small victory after surviving a tsunami in 2004.

The interior designer and his partner Fernando Bengoechea They were on vacation in Sri Lanka when a tsunami washed them out of their hotel. While Nate survived the harrowing ordeal, which claimed the lives of thousands, Fernando was never found.

Now Nate shares two children with husband Jeremiah Brent, And although it took many years, the father is comfortable enough to venture out into the ocean again.

Jeremiah recognized the significance of Nate walking in the ocean with his daughter Poppy in an Instagram post on Thursday, August 19. “One of the deepest and most unknown parts of Nate’s spirit is his strength,” he said. wrote. “I saw my husband, who survived such tragedy and loss in 2004, take our children to the ocean earlier this week. He has broken the chain of fear and is wading in the water, full of laughter and joy. one like him. “

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