Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan threatens to sink UK-US relations to its lowest point in 25 years

Another senior British diplomat agreed that the crisis had echoes in the 1990s, adding: “At the time we were spitting nails about it because – it was a constant restraint – it didn’t work. based on any proper consultancy.But there is an effort by Clinton to offset this.

”Same then … and now, it must be very college, but the way the American system works is that [the president] works what he wants to do, he looks at the advice he can accept or can’t accept, and then he does what he wants to do. Or, worse, allies read it in the newspapers. “

Sir Christopher also questioned the surprise of some in the Government at Mr. Biden’s decision to act unilaterally, arguing that “America First has been the driving principle” of successive Democrat and Republican administrations.

“The withdrawal policy makes sense,” he continued. “But the way in which it was executed, and the fact that we didn’t seem to have any influence on the way it was executed is, I think, a very bad thing for British-American relations.”

Lord Darroch, who has been the UK’s leading man in Washington for most of Trump’s presidency, said:

“But at the political level, the comparative lack of dialogue between the Prime Minister and the president, ever since Biden took office, combined with the apparent lack of consultancy about leaving Afghanistan, despite our being second largest contributor to the effort in Afghanistan, communicating in a relationship that is really not that close. “


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