Jesse Tovey allegedly stabbed his brother Joshua, the court said

A Victorian man allegedly stabbed his older brother to death, with a severe blow that pierced the man’s heart, a court said.

Jesse Tovey, 27, was charged with murder in the death of his older brother Joshua in Hastings in January.

He was facing a committee hearing on Wednesday in Melbourne Magistrates Court where pathologist Melanie Archer was questioned.

The 29-year-old alleged victim was found in the carpark of an Ultra Tune repair shop on Jan. 18 around 7.12 a.m. when paramedics rushed to the scene, according to the pathologist’s statement.

“The mother of the deceased was awakened by two male voices arguing outside her address. She looked out her window and saw the deceased jumping over the front fence and chasing someone believed to be another child of hers,” Dr Archer wrote.

That information was given to him, he said.

“The death was caused by a stab wound to the chest, which injured the right lung and pierced the heart,” he wrote.

The older brother also had three other stab wounds, including the left side of his neck, the right back of the shoulder and the left back of the shoulder, the court said.

Defense attorney John Saunders checked with the pathologist about whether the shape of the wounds could indicate more than one weapon was used in the attack.

“We can’t exclude that,” Dr. Archer told the court.

But he said it was a “standard statement” and he couldn’t imagine a case where all the stabs looked exactly the same.

The court was told the sibling’s mother had to give evidence but was seeking legal advice and was “distressed”.

The hearing was adjourned until December.


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