Discounted fun: Costco Disney tickets and great travel deals

Costco is the ideal place to wholesale discount elements. From clothing to food to cleaning supplies and even vitamins, Costco seems to have it all. So you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that they offer deep discounts as well. If you and your family are looking for discounted tickets to Costco Disney and other deals on family entertainment, look no further! Below are some of the best discount ticket deals at Costco.

Costco Disney Tickets

Tickets to Costco Disney and other discounts

Boondocks Food and fun

Boondocks Food & Fun has locations in both Utah and Colorado. Right now, you can get four $ 25 gift cards to redeem at Boondocks ($ 100) for just $ 74.99.

Get a $ 10 Costco Shop card

The great America of California

Costco locations in California may have this discount in store, so you can check it out during your next visit. However, they are also available online to all Costco members. Get two general admission tickets for $ 84.99 or a Gold season pass for $ 79.99. Given that a day-entry to the park typically costs $ 47, this isn’t a big deal when it comes to general admission. But, the Gold Season Pass is priced at $ 107. So buying that at Costco will save you $ 27.01 per pass.

Castle Park

If you have kids, you may be interested in this offer from Costco. Premium season passes typically cost park visitors $ 49.99 each. But you can get two annual passes to Castle Park Water Park for $ 79.99 with your Costco membership.

Costco Disney Tickets

In states where the Disneyland and Disney World parks are located, you can purchase annual passes at Costco for a discounted price. In previous years, Costco charged about $ 330 for an annual pass. Compared to the $ 95 per day charge that most tourists pay, Costco offers a lot.

The pass purchased at Costco also offers a 10% discount on food and merchandise in the park. However, it is important to note that Disney tickets purchased at Costco are subject to blackout dates.

You can also book your entire Disney trip through Costco Travel. Read more about the Costco Travel Ins and Outs.

Costco Universal Studios Tickets

Similar to its Costco Disney ticket offering, Costco offers Gold Annual Passes to Universal Studios Hollywood. One-day admission can cost up to $ 124. But, Costco offers discounted tickets for just $ 239.99 (regularly priced at $ 309). Costco members can also get a three-visit ticket for just $ 129.99.

Explore your city with Costco

GO cards are also on sale at Costco. GO cards generally allow you to access the best tourist attractions in the city, museums, theme parks, etc. You can choose what is included in the package, so prices may vary. However, prices for a 4-day GO Los Angeles card with Universal Studios start at $ 189.99, which is a great deal. The company also has travel deals to San Diego, Oahu, San Antonio, and San Francisco. Depending on the activities you choose, these “all-access passes” to the city can cost as little as $ 55.

Kings dominion

Kings Dominion in Virginia also works with Costco to offer small discounts on tickets. Two one-day admission tickets are only $ 72.99 for Costco members. Meanwhile, single-day admission costs around $ 52 per person for non-members.

LEGOLAND tickets at Costco

You can also get discounted tickets to LEGOLAND Florida and California through Costco. A three-day resort hopper pass for California park costs $ 104.99 (typically $ 130 + per person). Two-day park and water park combo tickets for the Florida location are $ 99.99 (typically $ 112.49).

Raging waters

One of California’s most popular water parks, Raging Waters, also offers discounts for Costco members. Its Sacramento location offers two season passes for just $ 49.99 to Costco members (typically $ 33.99 each). The San Jose location offers a discounted price of $ 27.99 for a one-day ticket, which normally costs $ 37.99.

SeaWorld Aquatica

Costco members can get a premium season pass to SeaWorld Aquatica for just $ 69.99. These tickets will cost non-members $ 80 each.

Wet and wild

Wet N’Wild Palm Springs works with Costco to offer members two general admission tickets for $ 47.99. The normal price for a single-day admission ticket is $ 39.99. Members also get a hefty discount at the park location in Phoenix: $ 54.99 for two tickets that would normally cost $ 81.98.

Other Costco Ticket Deals

In addition to the deals listed above, it’s not unusual for Costco to carry tickets to large local events, locally owned establishments and parks, and other region-specific deals. You can also get deals on movies and rentals nearby.

Costco movie tickets

Believe it or not, Costco Disney tickets aren’t the only big event or attraction discount the retailer offers. You can also get great deals on movie tickets in bulk through Costco. The retailer is offering 10 tickets for $ 89.99 (AMC and Regal) and $ 84.99 (Cinemark). You can also get packages of four movie tickets between $ 33.99 and $ 35.99.

Redbox rental codes

Costco actually sells a set of 10 Redbox rental codes to save you money, too. It can be a great gift for someone who enjoys a movie night at home. You get 10 codes for $ 16.99.

How to claim your discounted Costco tickets

These are just a few of the Costco ticket deals available online at any given time. You can visit his website to see the latest offers and discounts. Or, you can visit your local Costco for information on specific theme park ticket discounts and travel deals available to you.

Readers, have you used Costco to buy tickets before? How was your experience?

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