Watch trailer: Lucy Walker recounts the 2018 California wildfires in “Bring Your Own Brigade”

In Lucy Walker’s latest film, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker investigates the deadliest wildfire week in California history. “The world is waking up to the infernal realization that across the planet, forest fires are burning us alive,” says Walker in a new trailer for the Verité documentary.

One witness compares looking at the 2018 fires to “looking into Dante’s ‘Inferno’.” Bring Your Own Brigade explores the causes and solutions of the crisis. One character suggests that “fire can be our friend or fire can be our enemy.” Another emphasizes that they do not see the crisis as a natural disaster, but rather as “human error.”

Walker received an Academy Award for the short documentary “The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom” and the documentary “Waste Land.” His other credits include “The Crash Reel” and “Blindsight.”

“Bring Your Own Brigade” opens in theaters on August 6 and begins airing on CBSN and Paramount + on August 20.

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