Olympics tracker: these athletes who worked hard at accounting firms go for gold in Tokyo

If you spend time looking at spreadsheets consecutively, hours to eat, and the belated submission of timesheets at Olympic events, accountants would be among the strongest contenders for the gold medal during the summer games in Tokyo. But actually there have been accountant Olympians …Gwen jorgensen Y Alexandre bilodeau To name two, they have had gold medals placed around their necks during the Summer or Winter Olympics. And if the pickleball ever becomes an olympic event, this ex-Deloitter would surely be a favorite for medals.

At the summer games in Tokyo that are being held right now, there are two athletes we know, a former Deloitte consultant and a Crowe tax staff member, who are competing on the biggest stage in the sporting world.

Gerek Meinhardt, US male fencer

Unfortunately for Gerek Meinhardt, the top seed in the second-place men’s Olympic foil singles tournament in the world, lost his first match Russia’s Vladislav Mylnikov (124th in the world) 15-11 today. Not the ideal outcome for the all-odds favorite to win America’s first men’s fencing gold medal in more than a century.

But the four-time Olympian, who won a bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in the men’s team foil event, has still had big Olympics so far. Why? His wife, Lee Keifer, became the first American woman to win a gold medal in individual foil on Sunday.

Meinhardt, 30, is currently a student at the University of Kentucky School of Medicine, as is his wife. But before he had aspirations to become a doctor, Meinhardt spent a short time in D-town, according to the Wall street journal:

Once the youngest American man on the Olympic fencing team, he also went to Notre Dame and left with two NCAA degrees, a business major, an MBA, and an entirely different line of work. When he went to Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Meinhardt had a full-time job as a consultant for Deloitte. When he and Kiefer tied the knot in 2019, an occasion known to his world as the Royal Fencing Wedding, his mind was on medical school.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Meinhardt worked as an advisory consultant, specializing in risk analysis, at Deloitte in the San Francisco Bay Area from September 2015 to August 2016.

Meinhardt still has a chance to win a medal in the men’s team foil event that begins Sunday. The United States men’s team is the favorite to win gold.

Peter Wetzlar, Zimbabwe men’s swimmer

Peter Wetzlar hits the pool for the first time tomorrow in the men’s 100m freestyle, representing his home country of Zimbabwe. However, the 24-year-old lives in Kentucky and works in Crowe’s Lexington office as a tax staff.

Peter wetzlar

Wetzlar graduated magna cum laude from the University of Kentucky in May 2020, with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He has been working at Crowe since January.

We will update this post once we know how Wetzler is doing in Series 4 of the men’s 100m freestyle tomorrow, as well as the result of the men’s team foil event. In the meantime, if we have lost another current or former CPA competing in Tokyo, please let us know using the contact information below.

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