Common tenant complaints and how to handle them

Do you work in a property management service? It is certainly a difficult job, as it is your responsibility to resolve all tenant complaints regarding the home. Handling tenant complaints correctly is important as it helps you retain customer and ensure excellent service to prospects.

There can be a variety of complaints that a tenant may have, and each complaint will be unique. The way you resolve these complaints reflects the effectiveness of your service.

Below are 4 common tenant complaints and the best ways to handle them.

1. Noisy neighborhood

This is one of the most common tenant problems. Loud music, dogs barking at night, loud fights, it all annoys the other tenants. Being in the rental housing profession, it is somewhere your responsibility to solve these problems.

How to drive

You do not need to create conflicts between yourself and “noisy neighbors”. You should explain the problem to other tenants and ask them not to keep noise pollution. You can also try increasing insulation or installing soundproof rugs. Still, if the problem continues, it is about time you ask the noisy tenant to leave or leave. But if the neighbor is not renting to you, you can always ask the tenant to have a polite conversation with the neighbors about the problem.

2. Cleaning

Tenants may have a complaint about litter made by other tenants or untidy surroundings.

How to drive

If other tenants are responsible for not keeping the surroundings clean, being the person concerned, you should ask them to keep the surroundings tidy. It should explain why the surroundings should be kept clean and what hygiene should be taken care of. But if the cleaning complaint is regarding the property, you can try to hire sweepers, provide trash bins for each property.

3. Problems with pets

Tenant complaint regarding littering pets, continuous noise, vicious animals is common and needs a proper solution.

How to drive

When in rental housing, it is your responsibility to mention a claw regarding pets. If pets are allowed, you must establish certain rules that a tenant’s pet must not create any mess for other tenants.

4. Pest problems

Insects and pests in the home create problems for tenants.

How to drive

First of all, do your research. If the property already had pest problems, then being in the property management service, it is your responsibility to control the pest. Hire the best pest control service provider and solve the problem. But if the problem has started within a few months after the tenant started using the property, you should ask him to control the pests, as the tenant was responsible for the pest attacks.

These are the 4 most common tenant complaints and a little guide on how to handle them. Each claim has a solution. It is important that you understand the problem and offer the correct solution. It is not at all mandatory to create conflicts and increase problems. Instead, act professionally and offer excellent services.

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